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November 5, 2018: RoMarisBadReputation:
From RoMaris Daily: "hi" -Maris #RXMeverybodyout
From RoMaris Italy Official: Be sure to hashtag for today's episode!
From Maristellar Pink Hearts: #rxmeverybodyout Maris saws Esteban's profile picture on her Instagram account.
From Maristellar International Worldwide: #rxmeverybodyout Rico, Rolando and Maris.
From Rolando International Worldwide: #rxmeverybodyout Rico becomes more friends with Maris.
From Rolando X Maris TV Show Series: Thank you for the today's trending for this episode!
November 6, 2018: RoMarisIn3rdLoveDay:
From Maristellar Pink Hearts: The octopus is back!
From Rolando X Maris TV Show series: Hashtag of the day: #rxmsecretweapon
November 7, 2018: NeverBeAloneRoMaris:
From Maristellar Pink Hearts: "I miss you" -Maris #rxmIMissYou
November 8, 2018: SamMarisHideAnd3rdPeriod:
From Maristellar Pink Hearts: Wrong boyfriend! #rxmwrongguy
From Maristellar Infinities: It's Sammy not Rolando! #rxmwrongguy
From Maristellar Daily Official: Maristellar has her starbucks coffee after school!
November 9, 2018: RoMarisIEPChat2018:
From Maristellar Pink Hearts: She has the marshmallow overflow! 😂
From RoMaris Trendsetters: Team Lakers!
From Maristellar Italy Official: Sweet hug for Rolando
From Maristellar Sao Paulo Fan Club: Rolando xoxo Maris.
From RoMaris Daily: Iep Meeting Chat!
November 10, 2018: FallClothingShoppingChallengewithMaris:
From RoMaris Trendsetters: Go Maris Go!
From Maristellar Pink Hearts: She selected the cozy Jacket from the store!
November 11, 2018: Veteran'sDayWeekendWithMaris:
From RoMaris Trendsetters: Let's have the veteran's day weekend safe!
November 12, 2018: Wienerschnitzel'sNovember2018Maris:
From RoMaris Trendsetters: The Hot dogs and the french fries!
November 13, 2018: RoMarisHangoutChat:
From Maristellar Spades: Make sure for today's episode in Rolando X Maristellar: #rxmResultsofCelesteJasmine
From Maristellar Trendsetters: She gets ready for her school!
From Maristellar OFC: Maris breakdown moment #rxmresultsofcelestejasmine
From Linette A: Combat boots or suede boots?
Reply back: Both! 💖💖💖
November 14, 2018: Cheating EstMaris:
From Maristellar Spades: #rxmevacuation "you lied to me Esteban, because of what you did!" - Maris
From Alexa Ann H: #rxmevacuation Drama Queen of the year.
November 15, 2018: ThankfulRoMaris:
From Maristellar Spades: #rxmthankful Starting of the Thanksgiving party at school.
November 16, 2018: LoveOutLoudContestRoMaris:
From RoMaris Trendsetters: Starting of the LoveOutLoud Day!
From Maristellar Pink Hearts: #rxmbraces Rolando as a braces.
From Rolando Red Hearts: Loving out loud contest 2018!

November 17, 2018:

November 18, 2018:

November 19, 2018:

November 20, 2018: SushiNightMaris:

November 21, 2018:

November 22, 2018:

November 23, 2018: Torres X Maris Best Picture 2018:
From RoMaris Trendsetters: Thankful!
From TorreMaris Trendsetters: Thankful again!
November 24, 2018:

November 25, 2018:

November 26, 2018: The2BoysAndMe:
From RoMaris Trendsetters: Loveteam of the day: RoMaris!
November 27, 2018: MarisHairHighlights:

November 28, 2018: MarisAsCassie:

November 29, 2018: WeddingDressesDesignForMaris:

November 30, 2018: Sammy X Maris Late Out Day:
From RoMaris Dream Rainbows: Don't worry RoMaris, you will still used the rain hoods for the photoshoot day for some other reason.
From Sam X Maris Trendsetters: Check for Us!
December 1, 2018:

December 2, 2018: ArchibaldOnTheGoMaristellar:
From Maristellar Trendsetters: Her street dog, her strawberry milkshake, her korean bbq wings are super tasty!
December 3, 2018: MarisPJSInCommunity:
From Maristellar Trendsetters: Her pjs for the community!
December 4, 2018: PayCheckMaris:

December 5, 2018: Savage Maristellar in community:
From RoMaris Trendsetters: #rxmfieldtrip Thank you for today's episode!
From Mariana V: #rxmfieldtrip Maris crying for slow down for David.
From RoMaris Official Fanclub: She was savaging her community trip!
December 6, 2018: RoMaris Smile in your Heart:
From RoMaris Trendsetters: offcam with RoMaris!
December 7, 2018: RoMarisGetLucky:
From Danielle G: #rxmunluckycharm Maris slip dress!
December 8, 2018: RoMarisUnluckyCharmBTS:

December 9, 2018: MeetAndreaXMarisPhotoshoot2018:

December 10, 2018: AndiMaris 1st Friends:
From AndiMaris Official: Welcome to AndiMaris FanPage!
From Rolando X Maris TV Series: Today's episode: #rxmAndreaLugo
December 11, 2018: PopSocketChallengeRoMaris:

December 12, 2018: MahalKitaRoMaris:

December 13, 2018: KadenangRoMaris:
From RoMaris Trendsetters: We have to destroy Esteban's House. #rxmpranktipoftheweek
December 14, 2018: Happy Anniversary RoMaris:
From Alexa N: Congratulations on your anniversary!
From Cassandra Trish H: Congratulations on your anniversary!
From Alexa Ann H: Congratulations on your anniversary!
From Mariana A: Happy 3rd anniversary both of you!
December 15, 2018: RoMarisLateAnniversary2018:

December 16, 2018:
December 17, 2018: MissingRoMaris:
From RoMaris Trendsetters: #rxmMissingMaris Dentist appointment -Rolando to Abby
From Maristellar Pink Hearts: Dental appointment! I hope she's okay for her.
December 18, 2018:
December 19, 2018: JonMaris SlapOut:
From Cassandra I: Pic of your Christmas Throwback?
December 20, 2018: RoMaris 1ST Kiss:
From Alexa V: Congratulations on your first kiss at school! 💕
From Rolando X Maris TV Series: #rxmFirstKissNeverDies
December 21, 2018: RoMarisFallDownDay:
From Catherine Toni H: #rxmdrowning Hahaha Rolando.
From Rolando x Maris TV Series: Be sure to hashtag of the day: #rxmdrowning
December 22, 2018: MarisLovesJoao:
From RoMaris Trendsetters: She was watching boybandph on her laptop!
December 23, 2018: MarisAndAndrea2018:

December 24, 2018: ChristmasBreakMaris:

December 25, 2018: ChristmasInPinkMaris:
From Mariana Vera: Thank you for inviting me!
Reply back: You're welcome Mariana! I love you! 💖
December 26, 2018: ChristmasSongsMaris:

December 27, 2018: WinterIphoneCasesMaris:

December 28, 2018: EveningRoutineWithRoMaris:

December 29, 2018: NewYearsPartywithRoMaris:

December 30, 2018: PreNewYearsPartyRoMaris:
From RoMaris Trendsetters: Get ready to smile with these couple!
December 31, 2018: NewYearsEveRoMaris:
From Maya J: Best part of your new year's eve party with your boyfriend and his best friends?
From Mariana K: What are you wearing in New Year's Eve Party?
From Mariana Vera: Pic of Jorge M and your boo?
January 1, 2019: OneSecondADayMaris:
From Mariana Vera: Your videos are so stunning! May I take your selfie?
January 2, 2019: IRanSoFarAwayMaris:

January 3, 2019: BoyBandPhFanGirlMaris:

January 4, 2019: BlazersCollectionMaris:

January 5, 2019: BigBearFunWithMaris:

January 6, 2019: WinterdrinkschallengeRoMaris:

January 7, 2019: RelaxItsJustPagIbigRoMaris:
From RoMaris Trendsetters: Tearing up my heart.
January 8, 2019: WinterPhotoMemories:

January 9, 2019: PreBdaySal18:

January 10, 2019: RoMaris in Sal's 18:
From RoMaris Daily News: Great fun with these couple.
January 11, 2019: SailorGirlMaristellar:

January 12, 2019: VSWinterPhotoshootMaris:

January 13, 2019: GuessWinterPhotos2019:

January 14, 2019: RolandoSeniorSpotlightPhotoshoot:

January 15, 2019: RoMarisGuessWinterPhotoshoot2019:
From Maristellar Trendsetters: Guess Jeans Maristellar!
From Rolando Red Hearts: Guess clothing of his jeans. How sweet and handsome of him!
January 16, 2019: RoMarisBackToSchool:
From RoMaris Trendsetters: #rxmFirstPrank What happened to Them?
From Alexa Daphne H: #rxmFirstPrank Andrea x Maris Superstars!!!
From RoMaris Daily News: To be honest with Maris, she will be throw the dollar in the trash.
From RoMaris Italy Official: The prank of the win!
January 17, 2019: RoMarisRainyJanuary:

January 18, 2019: RoMaris 2ND Kiss:
From RoMaris Daily News: The second kiss is on!
From RoMaris Italy Official: #RXMjealous Cesar felt jealous.
From RoMaris Trendsetters: #rxmJealous Something's wrong about Maristellar!
January 19, 2019: NFLPredictionswith Sal X Maris 2019:

January 20, 2019: RoMarisGuessWinter2019:

January 21, 2019: RoMarisAmericanEagle2019:

January 22, 2019: RoMarisOnA3rdPeriodDay:

January 23, 2019: RoMarisNeedsLove:

January 24, 2019: Rolando X Andrea X Maris Marriages:

January 25, 2019: BloodyRoMaris:

January 26, 2019: ProBowlRoMarisPhotoshoot2019:

January 27, 2019: RoMarisGetsProBowl2019:

January 28, 2019: RoMaris2ndPeriod:

January 29, 2019: JorMaris StayInSchool:

January 30, 2019: RoMarisShavingChallenge:
From JorMaris Trendsetters: Oooh Jorge! #rxmIwastalkingFirst
January 31, 2019: EriMaris Dating back:
From RoMaris Trendsetters: #rxmEricisthefiance Eric is in love with Maris?
From Annika U: #rxmericisthefiance Holding hands at the park!
From RoMaris Milan OFC: #rxmEricisthefiance Final kiss before the end of the credits!
From Rolando X Maris TV Series: #rxmericisthefiance Evidence about Maris.
February 1, 2019: EriMarisTakeBackTheNight:
From EriMaris Trendsetters: They're drinking too much soda!
From Maristellar Trendsetters: #rxmbully Maristellar just got her blood on her nose on the set!
From Rolando X Maris TV series: Maristellar just bullied David.
From Maristellar Fangirls Official: Maristellar gets wasted onto her toxic poison drink after the fight!
From Bella C: Favorite Valentine's Day Drink in starbucks?
From Rolando X Maris TV Series: Today's episode: #rxmBully
February 2, 2019: Valentine's Day Maristellar Photoshoot:
From Maristellar Trendsetters: Her red and pink outfit looks stunning for her vday upcoming photoshoot
From Alexa N: Maris' house looks good!
From Kimberly A: Her wardrobe has everything in Stores when she has the rich money.
February 3, 2019: SuperBowl2019RoMaris:
From Maristellar Trendsetters: The superbowl party last night was the blast!
From Nina H: Go Maris Go!
February 4, 2019: One Last Rose RoMaris:
From Mariana Vera: From 2012 thru 2019!
From Rolando X Maris TV Series: Today's episode: #rxmRosesbeforeRoses
February 5, 2019: What'sInsideMarisBag:

February 6, 2019: AndiMarisPranksEsteban:
From AndiMaris Trendsetters: Get ready AndiMaris!
From Rolando X Maris TV Series: #rxmSistersgetsPrank The murder in Maris' house!
February 7, 2019: Happy 18th Birthday Murguia:

February 8, 2019: RoMaris Just the way you are:

February 9, 2019: RoMarisSaturdayShitTalk2019:

February 10, 2019: Zazu Is 19:

February 11, 2019: RoMaris BopBopBaby:

February 12, 2019: RoMaris StopRightNow:

February 13, 2019: YouAreTheKetchupAndMustardRoMaris:
From RoMaris Trendsetters: It's a couple of vday of the ketchup and mustard!
From Vanessa G: Best Valentine's Day Gift from Rolando?

February 14, 2019: VdayRoMaris2019:

February 15, 2019:

February 16, 2019:

February 17, 2019:

February 18, 2019:

February 19, 2019:

February 20, 2019: PartyWithRoMaris:
February 21, 2019: MarLio 1st BFF:
From MarLio Trendsetters: Best friends for life!
From Maristellar Pink Hearts: Meet Maris' best friend Emilio!
February 22, 2019: DisneyMaris:
From Maristellar Trendsetters: She was the princess of the belle in her classroom photoshoot
From Maristellar International Worldwide: Belle from beauty and the beast.
February 23, 2019:
February 24, 2019:
February 25, 2019: RoMarisMemories2019:
From RoMaris Trendsetters: Their best memories is the Party in 2018!
February 26, 2019: MaristellarAvocadosFromMexico2019:

February 27, 2019: MissYouLikeCrazyRoMaris:

February 28, 2019: HeyItsUsRoMaris:
From RoMaris Trendsetters: Iphone phone call photoshoot moment
March 1, 2019: DJMaristellar:
From Maristellar Pink Hearts: Hey dj by cnco
From RoMaris Trendsetters: Haha hey dj!
From AndiMaris Trendsetters: Maris as a dj girl in the set!
March 2, 2019: Happy 1 Year DeathDay RoMaris:

March 3, 2019: AmericanIdolIsHere:

March 4, 2019: RoMaris Bothers Daveed:

March 5, 2019: StolenDanceRoMaris:
From Maristellar Pink Hearts: Let's give a Happy birthday to Alexa N! (#20)
From Maristellar International Worldwide: Fast food dates!
March 6, 2019: NoChewingin6thperiodRoMaris:

March 7, 2019: TroubleForYouMaris:

March 8, 2019: AccidentKneeMaris:

March 9, 2019: RoMarisTorresBdayPart1:
From Maristellar Pink Hearts: Wait for it!
From RoMaris Trendsetters: In da club.
March 10, 2019: RoMarisTorresBdayPart2:
From Maristellar Pink Hearts: Classy sassy Class of 2022 Star Maris!
From RoMaris Trendsetters: Let's get this bosse started!
March 11, 2019: RoMarisDressCode:
From RoMaris Trendsetters: Type "get out in the parking lot" using with emojis!
Replies From RoMaris Trendsetters:
From Trish G: Get out in the parking lot!
From Andrea G: Get out in the parking lot!
March 12, 2019: TorreMaris 1st Date:
From TorreMaris Trendsetters: First date in period 3!
From RoMaris Trendsetters: Jealousy Maris and Torres.
From TorreMarisCancunOFC: Today's episode: #rxmTorresFirstDate
March 13, 2019: RoMarisCandyShares:
From RoMaris Trendsetters: Nom nom!
March 14, 2019: RoMaris Toros UpDates:
From RoMaris Toros: Go Toros for this set!
From Maristellar Trendsetters: shock in the water fountain!
From Rolando X Maris TV Series: #rxmShockerNews Static alert!
March 15, 2019: Maris NFL Player Princess:
From RoMaris Trendsetters: Maris as a Los Angeles Chargers Cheerleader.
From Carly Marie H: Los Angeles Chargers Maris!
March 16, 2019: MarisSpotlight2019:

March 17, 2019: Saint Paddy's Day Party 2019:

March 18, 2019: NoHandsChallengeRoMaris:
From RoMaris Trendsetters: These gummy candy was too sweet!
March 19, 2019: RoMarisSitStillPretty:

March 20, 2019: RoMaris Last Kiss:

March 21, 2019: RoMaris Mistakes:

March 22, 2019: RomaMaristellar2019:

March 23, 2019: RomaBehindtheScenes:

March 24, 2019: RomaLivePerformance2019:

March 25, 2019:

March 26, 2019:

March 27, 2019:

March 28, 2019:

March 29, 2019:

March 30, 2019:

March 31, 2019:

April 1, 2019: AprilDaysBeforeMaris2019:

April 2, 2019: PalmSpringsPhotoshootMaristellar:
From Maristellar Trendsetters: What else does Maris have the shopping spree on the spring break?
From Alexandra J: What is your favorite part of your Palm Springs? Love u Maris!
April 3, 2019: ZoeMaris19OutOf18:
April 4, 2019:
April 5, 2019: Lugo Is 18:

April 6, 2019: BrittMaris On A 19:

April 7, 2019:
April 8, 2019: JorMaris SchoolDays:
From JorMaris Trendsetters: Stay in school, that's okay.
From JonMaris Trendsetters: Be sure to look for the lunch days with JonMaris challenge!
From RoMaris Trendsetters:
April 9, 2019: TuesdayThrowbackMaris:
From Maristellar Pink Hearts: She was so cute in her 1st grade photo on her picture day!
From RoMaris Trendsetters: Babies before adults 2019!
From Alejandra B: Aww so cute of you in the 1st grade!
From Angeli M: Cute Maristellar!
April 10, 2019: RoMaris Laughoutloud in 6th Period:
From Angeli M: Is your old boyfriend gay, because you laughed really hard?
From RoMaris Trendsetters: LGBTQ #rxmPrideBeforePride
From Maristellar Pink Hearts: #rxmPrideBeforePride Maris drinking beer at the gay club. 😂
From Juliana Alejandra M: #rxmpridebeforepride Esteban is gay! -Maristellar
From Team RoMaris Tropang: #rxmpridebeforepride drinking beer is not good!
From Rolando x Maris TV Series: Thank you for the today's episode! #rxmpridebeforepride
From Sabrina F: #rxmpridebeforepride Torres dressed as a nurse.
From Nina H: #rxmpridebeforepride Why is Esteban gay?
April 11, 2019: MaristellarEasterPhotoshoot:

April 12, 2019: DenimRoMaris:

April 13, 2019: Santos 18 Day:

April 14, 2019: MaristellarSpring2019Picture:

April 15, 2019: IntoYouRoMaris:

April 16, 2019: Don't GetWet RoMaris:

April 17, 2019: You'reTheOneThatIWantRoMaris:

April 18, 2019: SelfieRoMaris:

April 19, 2019: Rolando PreProm 2019:
From Team Rolando Red Hearts: He selected Cynthia.
From Team Rolando Abroad Fanclub: Cynthia and Rolando! #cylando #romaris
April 20, 2019: RoMaris 3 Year Anniversary Rolando Prom Date 2019:
From Angeli M: Happy 2 year monthsary both of you!
From RoMaris Official: Rolando & Cynthia and Maris and Enrique #rxmprom2019
From Alexa Ann H: Happy 2 year monthsary to you both!
From QuenMaris 2013: Enrique x Maris bffs since 2013!
From RoMaris Trendsetters: Be sure to find their prom date pictures!
From Alexa B: Hi Maris! I love your dress! Who is your prom date besides Rolando?
Reply Back: Tejeda! My Middle school bff! He met me in October 2013.
From Rolando Surfers: The boys pic time!
From Maristellar Pink Hearts: In the girls row!
From Lauren C: Pic of you and Luly?
Reply back: At Seaport Village, and it was holding my dog Priscilla.
April 21, 2019: RoMarisPromDatePhotoshoot2019:
From RoMaris Trendsetters: Cynthia and her friends.
From Maristellar Pink Hearts: Girls squad!
From Rolando Surfers: In the boys squad!
From Jordynn G: Jorge Macias!
Reply back: Yes Jordynn! I sawed it too!
April 22, 2019: RoMarisEveryDayEveryNight:
From RoMaris Trendsetters: Stars at Maris' bedroom! #rxmStarsbeforeKisses
April 23, 2019: RoMarisSunFlowers:
From RoMaris Trendsetters: Let's gave a Twin Tuesday Double Pics!
April 24, 2019: SickRoMaris:

April 25, 2019: 12ReasonsILoveYouRoMaris:

April 26, 2019: PromDateRoMaris:
From RoMaris Trendsetters: A night to remember prom 2019!
April 27, 2019: OlympianPromPhotos2019:
From RoMaris Trendsetters: Tag us with our favorite prom pictures shown in this below on their Instagram Page!
April 28, 2019:
April 29, 2019: MakeUpNotDoneMaris:

April 30, 2019: TwinTuesdayRoMaris:

May 1, 2019: HiFiveRoMaris:

May 2, 2019: SmileFortheCameraRoMaris:

May 3, 2019: BondingRoMaris:

May 4, 2019: MaristellarNewHairReveal:

May 5, 2019: MaristellarAsAriel:

May 6, 2019: RoMaris Gets Upset:
From RoMaris Trendsetters: Ooh Maris!
From Maristellar Pink Hearts: Get her done quick in the track!
From Maristellar Trendsetters: 2nd place!
From Maristellar International: 2nd place! It's okay!
May 7, 2019: DecisionsRoMaris:

May 8, 2019: RoMarisLosingArea:

May 9, 2019: ShowMeTheLoveRoMaris:
From KrisMaris Trendsetters: It's Krissy's birthday!
May 10, 2019: FrappesMaris:

May 11, 2019: RoMarisKiligMayGoals:
From RoMaris Trendsetters: Birthday sex rehearsal!
May 12, 2019: PromLookbookMaristellar2019:
From RoMaris Trendsetters: Birthday sex On Much 19!
May 13, 2019: Waterfight Maris:

May 14, 2019: BlurredLinesMaris:

May 15, 2019: RoMarisHeartbrokenAgain:

May 16, 2019: ShowerRoMaris:

May 17, 2019: MarisPreBirthday:
From Naomi C: Good Girls Go Bad Music Video!
From RoMaris Trendsetters: Get ready for the Strangers prey at night movie!
May 18, 2019: SeeYouAtTheGaslampRoMaris:

May 19, 2019: Happy 19th birthday Queen Maris:
From RoMaris Spikers: Happy 19th birthday Maristellar!
May 20, 2019: RoMaris Heartbroken:
From Alexa Ann H: Did Rolando heartbreak in 6th period?
From Angeli M: How come, Rolando got cheated on you with another girl?
From RoMaris Daily News: RoMaris have been done for breaking up with them after for the music video 2019.
From Rolando Surfers: Never not loving you episode.
May 21, 2019: RoMaris1stPeriod:

May 22, 2019: MariSam First Love:
From Alexa Ann H: SamMaris Is Officially Here!
From RoMaris Official: #RXMSammyIsTheNewBoyfriend Check the hashtags out!
From MariSam Trendsetters: Sammy and Maris hideout challenge!
May 23, 2019: MariSam 1st Hide from Esteban:
From MariSam Official: #rxmBeNice do it again please! -Maris
From RoMaris Trendsetters: #rxmBeNice The classes are still working -Alan M
From Alexa Ann H: #rxmBeNice 😂😂😂😂 Alan Marquez.
From RoMaris Italy Official: Hahaha Alan! #rxmBenice
May 24, 2019: It was MariSam Fault on 6th Period:
From Camila E: Killer SamMaris in Nutrition Break
From SamMaris Trendsetters: #rxmFriendsbeforedating before friends and lovers
From Alexa Ann H: #rxmfriendsbeforedating the flashback from Sammy and Maris!
From Vanessa M: #rxmfriendsbeforedating Sammy is my heart.
From SamMaris International: 1st interview!
From Maristellar Pink Hearts: Maris first hug with Sammy!
From CelMaris Trendsetters: #rxmfriendsbeforedating Celine dancing!
From Maristellar Infinities: #rxmfriendsbeforedating Maris shocking news habit.
From Sam X Maris Fangirls: #rxmfriendsbeforedating Secret Esteban Invite!
May 25, 2019: Celine X Maris first Interview 2019:

May 26, 2019: Celine x Maris first dance prod:

May 27, 2019: SamMaris 1st Memorial Weekend Bonding:

May 28, 2019: Santos X Maris 2nd Period Party:

May 29, 2019: StayOutJorMaris:

May 30, 2019: MariSamNeedsHelp:

May 31, 2019: FormalMariSam:

June 1, 2019: JackintheboxMaristellarPhotoshoot:

June 2, 2019: DisneylandGtadnitePhotoshoot2019:

June 3, 2019: LopMaris Friends Day:

June 4, 2019: GraduationPractice2019:
From Murguia X Maris Trendsetters: Graduation rehearsal gone wrong!

June 5, 2019: PreGraduationRolando:

June 6, 2019: AlyMarisDay2019:
From Maristellar Trendsetters: Alyssa G has the sweet 16 in this morning!
From Maristellar Pink Hearts: Friends at the bench in the 400 building! Have fun!
June 7, 2019: Congrats Mr. Redona:
From Maristellar Pink Hearts: Maris Graduation look!
From Madison V: How was your boyfriend's graduation?
From Rolando Xolos Fanclub: He made it on Otay Ranch!
From Rolando International Fanclub: Go Rolando Go!
From Rolando Toros Daily: Cutie Rolando
From Maristellar Angels: Maris, Mau, Hector M, Torres, Mau Mau, Carlos Z are in the Rolando's Graduation ceremony.
June 8, 2019: Ruben X Maris On A 19S:

June 9, 2019:

June 10, 2019: MaristellarSummerschool2019Photoshoot:

June 11, 2019:

June 12, 2019:

June 13, 2019:

June 14, 2019:

June 15, 2019: Lis X Maris On A Magical 19:

June 16, 2019:

June 17, 2019:

June 18, 2019: Alexandra Is 18:

June 19, 2019: RoMarisPhotoshoot2019:
From RoMaris Trendsetters: Setting up the Fields photoshoot!
June 20, 2019: Maristellar x Linette Birthday Prod:

June 21, 2019: Maristellar Bonita Vista Day:
From RoMaris Trendsetters: Haha she's joining in! #rxmStayawayfromboysMaris
June 22, 2019: Linette x Maris Photoshoot 2019:

June 23, 2019:

June 24, 2019:

June 25, 2019: MakeupNoMoreMaristellar:

June 26, 2019:

June 27, 2019:

June 28, 2019:

June 29, 2019:

June 30, 2019:

July 1, 2019: BaskinRobbinsMaristellarPhotoshoot2019:

July 2, 2019:

July 3, 2019:

July 4, 2019: 4thOfJulyWithRoMaris:

July 5, 2019: JulyOnTheSummerMaris:

July 6, 2019: LongBeachPhotoshootDay1:
From Maristellar Traveler Diary: I just have the Mothers Beach for the swimsuit cover!
From Maristellar Pink Hearts: Bayshore Beach Apartment Building is super much fun!!!
July 7, 2019: LongBeachPhotoshootDay2:

July 8, 2019: LongBeachPhotoshootDay3:
From Maristellar Traveler Diary: Welcome for my boat rental! I just made for the first time in Long beach in boat rental! Thanks for the phone call!
From Maristellar Pink Hearts: 20190708 Maristellar's IG Story Recap from the Long Beach California For the first time in summer break!
July 9, 2019: LongBeachPhotoshootFinalDay:

July 10, 2019: RoMarisPreCynthia's18:

July 11, 2019:

July 12, 2019:

July 13, 2019: RoMarisPartyAtCynthia's:

July 14, 2019:

July 15, 2019:

July 16, 2019:

July 17, 2019:

July 18, 2019:

July 19, 2019:

July 20, 2019:

July 21, 2019: MarisSophomore2019Photoshoot:

July 22, 2019: MarisSophomore2019:
From Juliana Alejandra M: What grade do you recently on? I love u Maris!

July 23, 2019:

July 24, 2019:

July 25, 2019: Max X Maris Premiere:
From Max X Maris Trendsetters: Be sure to catch the Mondays and Fridays for the today's school time episode!

July 26, 2019: Maris is the princess of the frog:
From RoMaris Trendsetters: Netflix this morning!

July 27, 2019:

July 28, 2019:

July 29, 2019:

July 30, 2019:

July 31, 2019:

August 1, 2019:

August 2, 2019:

August 3, 2019: Emilio X Maristellar Photoshoot 2019:

August 4, 2019:

August 5, 2019: ClubRushPreMaris:

August 6, 2019: ThriftShopDancewithMaxandMaris:

August 7, 2019: MaxAndMarisShow2019:

August 8, 2019: MaristellarHorrorMistake:

August 9, 2019: Let'sSitWithMax:

August 10, 2019: MaristellarDriver'sLicensePhotoshoot:

August 11, 2019: MaristellarWeekendAugustVibes2019:

August 12, 2019: TonyXMarisFirstMeet2019:
From Mariana Vera: The football player and the transition sophomore.
August 13, 2019: WalmartShopMaris:
From Mariana Vera: What did you get from Walmart when you are going back to school?
Reply back: Arts and crafts, Dvds and so much more for the girly stuff!
From Ann K: Pic of Alexa M and you on the soccer?
Reply back: I don't have the picture of the Alexa MTZ for the soccer sorry.
August 14, 2019: BecomeAMaris2019:

August 15, 2019: Luwow2019PhotoshootMaris:

August 16, 2019: LuwowDateRoMaris2019:

August 17, 2019: LuwowTripMaristellar:

August 18, 2019: Maristellar'sNonBoyfriendBday2019:

August 19, 2019: Max X Maris Talk about 2 Day:
From Bria D: The interviewer and the sexy Interviewer.
August 20, 2019: Maristellar On A Tuesday:
From Bria B: Most embarrassing moment in Pro Bowl 2019?
From Thalia Ruby G: What kind of stuffed animals do you get in Walmart?
From Yuli x Maristellar Trendsetters: Stuffed animals load in Walmart!

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