London Life
2020-10-14 10:17:18 (UTC)

The wrong church

We left for lunch in plenty of time, and had enough time for a falafel wrap from “The Man”, which had too much cucumber in. Jack thought it might be getting too cold for me to wear a mini-skirt with bare legs, but I wasn’t the only one, and I had put on a warm jacket and jumper. On Saturday I saw a girl in over-knee, high-heeled boots, during the day. She looked great and it reminded me that I haven’t really worn anything provocative or “unsuitable” like that, since the lockdown, though it's something I've always enjoyed doing. I need to make an effort and recover my adventurous spirit.

After work I allowed what I thought was plenty of time to cycle up to Finchley and help St Mary’s Church. But somehow I’d put the wrong postcode into CityMapper; it was not until I’d got there and looked up the street name that I realised my mistake. However I still almost had time to get to the postcode Paul supplied, and Jessica and Niki arrived at about the same time. However, the church didn’t look as if it was built in 1334 as advertised, and the complete address didn’t match. We soon realised that there are two St Mary’s churches in Finchley, one Catholic and one C of E, and Paul had published the postcode for the wrong one. I tried to contact him without success. I didn’t recognise Niki, who said we’d met several times before; I’d got back into old habits of asking an unrecognised face whether we’d met, rather than assuming we had.

I wasn’t upset about the situation, as the drizzle had eased and I enjoyed the ride back, although because of the wetness, darkness and my poor brakes, I walked down the very steep Highgate West Hill, rather than risk cycling. When I got home, I was unable for a while to unlock our front door, which is a bit worrying in case it happens when Jack’s at his parents’ house. I phoned him, to find he’d gone to Sainsbury’s and needed help carrying the food book.

I’d happened to notice earlier that Christchurch City – who we saw winning at Bashley in an earlier round, during our holiday in the region – were being covered by the BBC in their FA Cup qualifier against Dulwich Hamlet, so we watched the second half, which was dominated territorially by Dulwich. They scored late on but City managed to equalise, before losing on penalties. Their ground was in a lovely setting, with a backdrop of trees; one end was called the Forest End.
We had some terriaki with silken tofu and rice, which wasn’t really successful. Jack put on an old Thames TV sitcom, 'Cowboys' with Roy Kinnear, about some plumbers, though he'd been looking for an earlier London Weekend TV comedy.