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2020-10-14 01:48:09 (UTC)

Emotionally Home Bound

Lately all I’ve been wanting to do is cry because I hate how my life has become. Having these Staring Spells/Seizures has changed my life completely and since having the seizures it’s become scary because you don’t know when and if you’ll have one. Also, it has me housebound so I feel I’m stuck in the house more because I’m not able to drive myself anywhere because my license has been suspended and I’ve been told that it can take 3-6 months before my license can be reinstated. My son drives me around and take me to places when he’s able to but he now works two jobs and can’t always drive me around. I’m extremely grateful for the times he has taken me places but I’m at a point in my life now I want to go everywhere. I no longer want to be home bound or feel restricted. I recently spoke with my doctor and he signed the paperwork to get my license reinstated because I haven’t had any staring spells/seizures since the initial one but it’s still ultimately up to DMV if they’ll reinstate my license. I turned in all the required documents to DMV to get my license back but I’m still waiting on them to respond. In the mean time I’m stuck indoors sitting at home when I get off from work and what I really want to do is be out driving in my car listening to my music and enjoying the drive with my windows down feeling that cool air and listening to my favorite radio station. I hope this doesn’t make me selfish because I want to get back out and drive.