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2020-10-13 21:52:56 (UTC)

Job and Memory Issues

I have been working for my current company for 13 years now in the same department, Customer Service. Recently I have been wanting to get out of customer service for so many reasons but the main reason is due to me having memory problems because of the Staring Spell/Seizures I had for the first time ever in my life. This has really concerned me especially because there is so much information that I need to remember and know when assisting the customer. Also because we have an AHT(Average Handle Time) when assisting the customers and if I can’t recall a procedure to assist the customer then this causes me to be on the call to long. Which can affect my time and upset the customer and I don’t like talking to upset people at all. I’ve been doing some temporary work assignments lately which I’m very grateful for because this has truly helped me for now but I’m still afraid. I’m hoping I can somehow get into another department that is a non phone position because I’m always going to need a job to survive in this world and I’m single and don’t have anyone who can help me. Lately I’ve been crying because I can’t recall a lot of things and hope this is not something that is going to always happen. Sadly, doctors and I still haven’t figured out what caused the seizures. They can only assume it’s stress related or I’m missing some family members who passed away years ago. Since having the last seizures I haven’t had any recently and hope I don’t have anymore in the future.