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2020-10-13 14:29:45 (UTC)

Got my haircut and bed extension 🛶

Got my haircut today. My hairstylist lady was shocked when she saw my scar in the back. Told her to be careful as it's still tender. I also told her to fix my hair because the surgeons just shaved part of the back of my neck for clearance not caring about making it look pretty. Anyway, I think she did a good job. She also asked how my last lady was as my stylist said "The Iranian one". Haha. I am too dang friendly. I forgot I told her about it.

Got home and started assembly on my truck bed extension. It's only purpose is not for carrying lumber. It's to be able to haul my kayak without using my kayak trailer. Assembly looks easy enough but the T section where the kayak sits is just bare metal. Kayak don't likey. lol Worse case, I'll go with the ugliest and weakest solution and just use pool noodles for now. I got till Thursday to figure it out. My friends and I are renting cabins and bringing RVs at Mono lake CA area and it'll be something like a 4.5 hr drive. I'd prefer not to have to tow my trailer for that long a drive. Trailer bearings may overheat just a tad. I do have it packed with additional grease with bearing buddies on each wheel but 4.5 hrs is a long ass time.

Lots of lakes in Mono. Funny but Mono lake itself I found out has no fish and is a salt water lake. It'd ba a nice kayk trip but no fishing. Not sure if I'll hit that lake for just kayaking. Maybe. I for sure will hit Convict lake. Supposedly, it's good trout fishing. I'm already planning on setting up three fishing rods just for trout. One for constant casting and retrieving, one with a bobber set up with live bait and one for hitting the bottom but with floating bait like power bait or some kind of bait that will stay off the lake floor. Maybe even a 4th one for trolling while I'm casting the other rod. You're allowed two rod with a fishing license and an extra rod stamp. Boy, CA sure is great for alll kinds of fees for the working man. Back in Hawaii, I'd line up 5-6 poles at one and just kick back and wait for the fish to hit.
Here is a link to Mono lake. Looks so surreal. No fish but it may be worth it just to kayak

This is the lake I want to check out for sure.

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