La Flaca

Las Tortugas y Yo
2020-10-13 19:36:50 (UTC)


The pain is real, I've been writing my memoir and I realized just now how much pain I've been trough troughout my life and maybe I was never ready to face it, or I have been always fighting it or hiding it so deep within my soul that I've chosen to keep it hiden, when I burned all my diaries like 12 years of books I burned a lot of those memories, I forgave the people that hurt me, but never my self. And in a way all those feelings have been crying in my dreams, in my thoughts and are tired of being ignored, so where does this memoir will take me only time will know. For now I choose to stop fighting and let go of all these weird yet real expirience of going back in time to my most inner thoughts and memories, I need to put them on paper I don't know who will read them or if it will have any meaning but I have always known that I must. So here goes nothing. wishme luck. I promise to share the infomartion of my book once I'm done writting it.