London Life
2020-10-13 16:35:43 (UTC)

12th October

Because Jack was waiting for a very late birthday present to arrive from his sister – they gave us an arrival window of 12 until 2, which is our exact lunch option period, then extended it to 3:30 – we didn’t go out for lunch at all. I had a development centre in the afternoon, which was horrible, probably made worse by not having had any fresh air. I was supposed to make suggestions about how we could be more collaborative. All I could say was that I collaborate with those I need to, and there are others who there would be no purpose in collaborating with. Anyway, the other people in the call started talking about the other company values, which wasn’t relevant to this test. Goodness knows what my feedback session will be like.

We both went to help shovel woodchip at an adventure playground, Jack running and me riding my bike - we saw Hanri on the way. It was drizzly but not heavy. Simon was walking a bit strangely, having done a 100 mile walk/run on Saturday which took more than 23 hours. Sarah was there but I didn’t ask her about the theatres as I wasn’t sure it was her, in her rain hood. Aidan, Abi, Kike and Dom also turned up, and a new bloke called Mukund. The earlier task in Somers Town had been cancelled as Martina is heavily pregnant.

On the way home, I picked up a sewing machine, with some difficulty getting the shop keeper to let me have it. I had time to make some mushroom risotto. The freezer is getting full, though we did eat two lots of my gardeners pie at lunchtime, and shared enchiladas in the evening.