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2020-10-13 16:10:00 (UTC)

10-12-2020: Stay Salty BTS:

Camila: Hi Squad! It's me Camila! I am with my boyfriend, my sister, my amigo and my dog with me Cassie!
Rolando, Jose, Jia: Hi Camila Vlog!
Camila: Let's go!
(they headed out some of the surfboards)
Camila: (pretends like a surfer) (laughing)
Rolando: Camila with me, and she has her bathing suit on. So I will bring her for her surf set!
(Camila puts on the surf suit for her photoshoot)
Jia: Camila and her boyfriend are having a good time with the photoshoot, and they needed to be pick up the outfit, and have snacks when it is break time!
(Camila and Rolando are kissing during the photoshoot)
Jose: I think Camila's surfboard needed to be washed.
Camila: (laughing) Thank you! (brings my surfboard) So hot!
Rolando: Surf's Up! (middle finger in the camera)
Camila: (does the heart pose in the camera)
Rolando: Wanna piggyback Camila?
Camila: Yeah!
(They piggyback together)