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2020-10-13 15:30:26 (UTC)

The Begining

Okay. Here's where everything started. You already know that my mom was 14 when she had me and my biological dad became

a semi deadbeat. Now that it has been cleared up, allow me to price this together for you. When my mom had me her claim was it was her first time she was a good kid never got in trouble never ditched and always remained an a student. I kind of believe her, but then theres what my grandparents day that matches almost nothing in her stories. Well save some of that for later. Anyways, growing up with a mom who's only 14 years older than I am has been really hard. She was there but she wasn't there. To her, physically I was her child, mentally I was a loud crying smelly burden. Growing up I remember my grandmother taking care of me most of the time. My aunt's and I were like sisters. We fought like them we talked like them and I don't think I've ever really addressed them as "auntie or aunt" I only have one Uncle on my mom's side, and he's only 2 years older than I am. Honestly he's like my best friend, he's never been my uncle more of my older brother, we just have that bond. I have more memories with my grandmother than I will ever have with my mom I think it's the same way with my grandmother as well. My mom still doesn't know my first word. My grandmother remembers my first word my first phrase and can describe the same outfits I've worn to every single first day of school. By the time I was about 4 my mom will still very young and partying with her friends a lot, I mean she was 18. At that point I was with my grandparents a lot. There's another thing that were going to focus on in this entry. Alex.
When my mom was 17 she had a boyfriend who was in his 20s. After they had been dating for a while, my mother and I moved in with him. I had my own room in his house, and pets and whatever I could possibly ask for he got for me. He treated me like his daughter because he wanted one so greatly but didn't have one. (even now in the present he refers to me as his daughter) Hes someone that my grandparents trusted with her. But she was still in party mode. Well now they've been together for about 2 years and he had proposed to her. That's when she shut everything down. She ended their relationship and we moved out. I really liked him because to me he was a stable father figure that I didn't have. The next guy my mom dated was a complete looser. in fact my mom had one of his children, were going to address him as crusty. Crusty and my mom weren't to much of a thing. But they were a thing if that makes sense which I know it doesn't but still. They were together and he lived in a little looser place with loader friends and my mom hated it. But she accidentally got pregnant. She didn't let him know at all. The moment she found out they were done. They broke up and she moved back in with my grandma taking me with her. Now before you say I'm sitting here blasting my mom, I'm really not, and she's not going to be the only one. I will be exposing myself to. That doesn't sound right. I will be saying everything about me too. I like that better.
The story that come next is even more amusing and actually kind of sweet. Just stick around i guess.