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2020-10-13 21:10:54 (UTC)

Vegans kill more animals than you think!!

Its true. Think about it for a minute while I lay it all down for ya.

For your vegan stuff to be grown, did you know how many animals the farmers have to kill so that what they grow lands on your plate??

Every small rodent, every rabbit or other small animals who eat the beans and shit, every snake killed who eats them, every insect poisoned so that they don't eat your vegan produce. All killed, murdered and slaughtered just so that you can be guilt free and say i dont eat meat cause its cruel to kill animals.. screw you!

I always wonder why the word murdered is only used on humans. And slaughtered is only used on animals. They both are similar rite? Think about it.

Well fuck you. Vegan or not every thing you eat has some death behind it. So quit your saintly attitude.

At least we carnivores eat only what we kill. We want pork so we kill a pig. You fucking vegans kill each and every species in the animal pyramid just to satisfy your fucking ego.

Billions of years of evolution has made us into what we fucking are.dont fuckin put religion and your own rights and beliefs into construding what best suits you.