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2020-10-13 04:14:18 (UTC)

My son took me riding!

Last night my son and his girlfriend took me riding around the city, this is one of my favorite things I like to do since my license is suspended for medical reasons resulting in me not being able to drive myself around to get out the house. I especially love riding around the city at night because it feels so relaxing and soothing to be chauffeured around. I rolled the window down and took in the cool refreshing air and just sat back and enjoyed the ride. My riding adventure started with him leaving our home and then him getting on the freeway. He exited the freeway and he drove the streets, I had no clue where he was driving to but I didn’t care because I was enjoying the ride. The destination was to Hollywood where he drove around for awhile and I loved and enjoyed so much. After driving around Hollywood he then got on the freeway heading home due to him having to go to work that night because he works the graveyard shift. Overall I was truly grateful that my son took the time to take me riding to uplift my spirits because my spirits have been down lately.