Big life Small Paper
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2020-10-13 03:53:58 (UTC)


I'm not from here. Not from Oklahoma at least, no I'm not a vampire, or alien, or anything like your thinking. I am just a clueless teenager with no life. Okay now that's cleared out of the way, we can actually begin.
This isn't going to be some dumb romance story this is real life. These are things that I have learned things that I know about and things that you can probably relate to. Let's start.
I have a really big family, 4 sisters, 4 brothers, a young mother and a young stepfather. I will not be revealing anything much about me. all that you need to know is that I am brown with freckles and dark brown hair. That's it. Nothing more about my appearance. Its a very touchy subject. There's a lot to say so I'll begin with day 1.
How old was your mother whenever she had you? Probably 17 at the youngest maybe? My mom was 14. She was neither physically or mentally ready to have a baby, and yet she did anyways. My biological dad most definitely wasn't ready. I barely even know him now, and it's been an extremely long time. Growing up with such a young man creates an almost sister like relationship which always made it harder to treat her like my mother. Before you say/ think something like, "shes still your mom" I Know. I am reminded everyday. Throughout this whole diary//story thing I am going to be dividing my experiences into chapters. This seems like a good idea now but I know that I will eventually come to regret this. Oh well. I've already started.