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Through My Eyes
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2020-10-12 23:22:31 (UTC)

No Longer Unadventurous

My entire life I’ve always been a homebody not wanting to go anywhere but stay home and watch all my favorite TV programs, read books and do some crafting. I even started working from home a little over four years ago and I loved it until this year. This resulted in me driving back in the office in the beginning of the year because I no longer wanted to work from home because I missed the interaction with my coworkers, plus I wanted to drive see the streets, roads, nature, animals and listen to music in my car. Lol! But unfortunately due to the virus the job instructed us to work from home again. I was really disappointed but I understand it’s for safety reasons. However recently my license was suspended due to having a Staring Spell/Seizure which resulted in me no longer able to drive myself around. This too disappointed me because I’m now at home more because I can no longer drive. I have to now rely on others to take me places or get on the bus. I have no problem with getting on the bus however my family does because they’re afraid I’m going to have a another Staring Spell, so I no longer take the bus. Now I’m at a point in my life I want to go everywhere I can go, which has really shocked me. So now If anyone is leaving the house I’m inquiring where they’re going to see if I can go with them if I’m not working. My son has taken me a few places even to my favorite place to go which is the beach but I can’t always depend on him because he has a life. The friends I do have live out of state, my sister lives 60 miles away and she’s been working double shifts so I can’t bother her and my brother resides out of state so I can’t call him to take me riding. I have a few cousins that is aware I’ve been wanting to get out but has not offered to pick me up and drive me anywhere. I’m no longer a homebody and since I can’t drive I want go to everywhere I can now. I even been looking online to see if there’s any riding services that can just drive me around the city for a few hours just to get out the house. I want to be adventurous as I can be and go everywhere I can go.