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2020-10-12 13:48:30 (UTC)

Unexpected delivery 😱

Got a bunch of deliveries that I was expecting from Amazon. All good there. However, I got two big boxes I was not expecting and it wasn't a woman dropping off two babies. lol. Nope. Not that stupid. It's the Traeger Ridgeland 572 pellet smoker/grill I ordered but cancelled from QVC. Called the shipping company and had them check the system. Sure enough, shipping company confirmed the order was cancelled and I was not supposed to have it. They apparently didn't get the memo sent out to the actual people loading the stuff. So....Once again, I am breaking the Dr's orders to not lift anything heavier that 10 lbs. The bbq grill is over 100 lbs. Sigh... Brushed off my man card and used as much core and leg muscles to get this sucker on a dolly minimizing my arms/shoulder from having to do any work and cart it into my garage till it gets picked up again. I almost feel guilty enough to keep it because it got shipped from who knows where and those shippers work hard for their money. But nope, already have a little Weber grill, and old electric smoker, so I don't need two more grills in my backyard. Guilty feeing is squashed. I'll just give the deliveryman $10 for his troubles just enough for a crappy lunch. I assume he gets paid regardless of delivery or pickup so that's not too bad.