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2020-10-12 16:31:36 (UTC)

Never ceases to amaze me.

Animals. Yeaahh I can go on speaking on how amazing they are and still get less likes than when a Kardashian tweets that she has farted a loud one.

Sad thing is so many of us are curious on celebrities and shallow entertainment like popular music and bling bling wearing tattooed fuckers calling themselves as rappers and artists that we tend to forget the beauty around us.

I dare you to look around and find any small creature and google it and you will find shit you wouldn't believe possible. But you fuckers won't cause all you think of when you see a spider is ewwww I wanna kill it. Miserbale ungrateful cunts that's what you are. A big ass bully. Go to your heaven and I so hope at the gates he fucking angel asks you so why did you kill that spider and when you give your bullshit excuse it pulls a lever and straight you go down to hell...right to the very bottom where you belong.

So anyways this show Animal Impossible is just fucking awesome. Stop your Netflix binge watching bullshit and go see that show. There are so many facts which the hosts tell you which I have known for years and I'm sure you imbeciles would be hearing it for the first time. Did you know that there are people who expertise in animal vision. Yeaaa something so simple but unique. So fascinating. So find out how they see the world. More importantly how evolution has made them adapt that way. First of all you idiots will have to google how human vision works let alone know about animals. Rods and cones. The spectrum of light. You gotta know all this. And then be prepared to be mind blown wirh some amazing facts.

Did you know that bulls can't see the color red. Still the matador waves a red flag. And still this wrong fact is shown in movies and cartoons and everywhere. And that the reason why red is to hide the animals blood as its been stabbed multiple times. Just for entertainment for the humans at the cost of another animals life.

I know that they have banned the killing. But before that, the slaughter.