Inside me
2001-10-11 01:28:11 (UTC)

i like when holes get punched in my face

well i have an appointment on saturday at 1:30 to get my
labret pierced at soul survivors...I used to wear a labret
spike and i miss it most of all my lip piercings i had...
I work saturday night at 6:00 but I'm not allowed to have
any piercings in my face..I hope they don't notice the hole
in my chin..you never know? I'll put one of those bandaids
over it that you get when you get needles..those circle
bandaids and i'll tell them i got a wasp sting...yeah i can
lose my job for this....how exciting...
I don't know my mood right now...I think I'm a little
excited and a lot depressed...and thats it..I think.

"Talk to me softly. Theres something in your eyes. Don't
hang your head in sorrow and please don't cry. I know how
you feel inside I, I've been there before. Something is
changing inside you, and don't you know? Don't you cry
tonight. I still love you, baby. Don't you cry tonight.
Don't you cry tonight, theres a heaven above you, baby..and
don't you cry tonight. Give me a whisper and give me a
sigh..give me a kiss before you tell me goodbye. Don't you
take it so hard now and please don't take it so bad. I'll
still be thinking of you and the times we had, baby." -
Guns n' Roses