The Jigsaw

The Final Game
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2020-10-12 15:03:30 (UTC)

Would you like to talk about it??

has anyone given you that answer? When you said you were depressed? What did you answer back? Like how do you express the chaos in your mind into words that an outsider can understand or even relate to? Impossible if not an herculean task. How do you know that the person is genuinely compassionate or just an obligation on being your buddy?

Right now if anyone asked this my answer would be....I want to cease my existence and at the same time make this unknown to the humans around me so that they are under the impression that I'm still with them.
Ummmmmm yeaaaa..

So I see two paths to this. One is which I invent a time machine and go back and stop my parents to meet up. Something like Back to the Future. Second option is cloning myself and me crawling under a rock to rot away slowly. My clone will keep everyone blisfully unaware of the real me.

Unfortunately both options are unavailable at this point in time. What a tragedy.

I was punching the walls earlier. Knuckles became black and a bit swollen. I liked the pain. More I felt the harder I went....