Carrie notes
2020-10-12 01:30:24 (UTC)

The Prospective Of A Mouse

I'm a little living in a hidden whole nobody knows about! No, you never know I'm around because I'm so tiny.
I have seen everything that has happened in your life from the day you moved into your apartment 6 months ago. Let me tell you it is sad what I see. I see a person who fights to be accepted by her family, friends, and neighbor's. Yet all they do is worry about how there lives are doing from day to day. Some people you have blocked on Facebook because they were worried about some winnings in a scam contest, and you know your not interested in money 💰. You want someone in your life you can count on when you need a shoulder to cry 😢 on.
You have blocked some who contact you when they are under the influences of drugs or alcohol if not both. After seeing your father drink all your life you have a low tolerance for that.
Men have used you for:
1. Sex
2. Money
3. Or a place to stay
You are just done with that ball park.
Okay I have followed you all of your life and I have cried when you cried, laughed when you laughed, been that little voice inside your head when you needed encouragement, and lectured you when you done wrong. I can honestly say when you decided God was important I did a victory dance.