The Real Me
2020-10-12 00:29:06 (UTC)

Doing good

I'm doing well.

I have a new home... My own home. Can you believe that. I'm also graduating this year. I guess.. We made it, we finally got there in the end. I'm in a good place with mateo, the kids are chill and life is... Good. Like genuinely good. I'm content.
There isn't really any real drama in my life, apart from when I go out with D. Shit always blows up when I go out with her. We went a bit too crazy, I ended up drinking and did quite a bit if coke, I have no recollection of the night. All I know is that I woke up with severe anxiety and I just wanted to get back to my house in the countryside with Mateo because honestly I just can't handle that partying life anymore. It's no longer me. Other than that everything has been smooth. That night is something I never want to revisit again because it takes me straight bavk to hell. I want to stay in this content happy place that I'm in and focus on my new business.