London Life
2020-10-11 19:26:40 (UTC)

Saint Maude / The Vampire Girl Lovers

Friday 9th October
It's been very quiet for me at work this week, it's so good to have the new girl taking the pressure off me, she's so keen and organised. At lunchtime we went to St Pancras to see if Jack's bike was ready, but they'd had to send off for a part. So we went to Wasabi, where they didn't give us much tofu with our rice, then had a coffee at Notes. In the evening went to the Rio by the Overground

It was nowhere near as full as it used to be at rush hour, but there were a lot of people on the train, and we had to stand up in order to just stay distanced. Before the film, we went to the Love Shack at Cambridge Heath, why has got such a great ambience. We shared a lasagne and a mushroom pasta. Unfortunately, they'd put something horrible on the mushrooms and they didn't taste good at all.

We walked most of the way to Dalston for the film, but we were a bit behind schedule, so we got a bus which got stuck in traffic, then turned off at Dalston Lane so we had to get off and it had probably taken longer than if we'd walked. Despite a Covid queuing system, we got in for the start of the film, which was quite well attended.

The film was 'Saint Maud', which got 5-star reviews in both the Guardian and the Evening Standard (and the Observer). It was set in a South coast seaside town but filmed in Scarborough. It was another film about unhappy people, featuring a religious palliative carer (Morfydd Clark) and her stroppy patient (Jennifer Ehle), who entertained a prostitute whenever she wanted excitement. There wasn't much else to it, except that the carer had a secret past. We just caught the train back, because it was two minutes late, which saved us getting cold.

Cineworld, which is a leisure centre chain (so we don't visit it much), is closing its cinemas again. This is partly because of the lack of big releases (James Bond has just been postponed again) but also because it's become a highly-geared company, since buyIng the Regal cinemas in the USA.

Saturday 10th October

Jack made some bread, but this time it wasnt nice at all. I rode over to the Weavers Playground, an enjoyable task as there were 16 girls on this one. Jo gave me the name of the osteopath which she'd mentioned before, but she hadn't seen me at Newham as expected (I went to Haringey). I had a good chat with Smee and Sam as we sorted out boxes for the kids, while others, led by the ever-sexy Isobel, were drilling into pallets. I spoke to a frizzy girl about bike locks, then had an hour and a half to cycle to Finchley Way. I simplified some of the route, especially after Alexandra Park which was partially closed for an event. I got to Finchley Wat at exactly the right time, but due to a mass drop-out last night and today, there was only myself, Paul and a girl called Amie, who was on her first task but seemed to know Paul, as they talked about her friends and family. We cleared a path through the copse, though it didn't lead to an exit, just a dead end.

I knew the way home by now, and where to turn off East End Road, and went down West End Lane despite my weak brakes.

I only just missed Jack, who'd been catching up on PitcherWits, and I drifted into looking at swimming pool and bath porn, as well as catching up on various other websites, reading the Guardian and having a bath.

Sunday 11th October
I woke up early enough to do a litter-pick at Duppas Hill, but decided it wasn't worth travelling that far (I was going to cycle there and get the train back), partly because when I'm litter-picking I tend to wander off on my own so I wouldn't even chat to anyone - and it was all people I might not see again. But what I'd forgotten until it was too late, was that I'd been meaning to monitor a later task at Kennington Park, hoping someone would drop out. As it turned out, someone did drop out (though it was Katy, who I wanted to see), but I didn't remember to look until 13:10, when it was really too late.

I put on a thong leotard - the green one) and spent a long time reading The Observer, and inevitably I also drifted off to look at some porn (though I never watch as far as the lesbian sex, I don't want to watch actual sex, just foreplay) - a young girl who jumped on her step-mother, who kept saying "you can't/shouldn't do this", while obviously enjoying the attention.
I looked up some of my old scantily-clad circus-girl links, but many have now disappeared fro
m the internet. I enjoyed a video of the Spain national water-polo team. They really don't care (or maybe enjoy, as I would) that their cossies always completely ride up their bum. The sexiest bits of the video are actually when they put a tracksuit top on, which is the same length as a micro-mini dress, so they keep "flashing" a very narrow bit of cossie at the front, and when they slightly bend over they show off their bare bum-cheeks with a triangle of red cossie emerging at the top. At the front, it is so narrow, you can see that the girls have to keep themselves completely smooth. (talking of which, I gave myself some overdue attention today).

I also read something on the Observer which led me to investigate a Hammer Horror film called The Vampire Lovers. I'd heard that there was a lesbian undercurrent to some of these films, but I didn't realise how explicit it was. I found a scene where Ingrid Pitt explains to Madeline Smith, "No I don't want a man and neither do you, I hope. Because I love you and I want you to love me for all your life", then hugs and kisses her full on the lips.
There is a separate lips-on-lips kissing scene later, and another part where Ingrid gets out of her bath naked, and gets Madeline to go topless on the pretence that she should try on a dress, then Ingrid chases her onto the bed and jumps on her. There is yet another sexy scene, in which Ingrid climbs onto Madeline's bed, pulls her nightie down, kisses her, caresses her bare boobs and puts her head on them - actually I don't blame her, as Madeline Smith looked stunningly beautiful. This wasn't what I'd expect from a mainstream cinema release from fifty years ago!

I hadn't got any beans, so just ate porridge (using up the milk), then some rice and lentils. I heard the Amazing Chart, spent ages looking at old Countdowns - it's amazing I still find moves I don't remember - got lots of bargains from the Co-Op after first having to return home for my mask, and when Jack comes back we're going to watch Have I Got News For You.