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2020-10-11 12:44:56 (UTC)

Almost an "Oh crap!!" Moment

Just got home from camping. Too lazy to unpack at the moment. Kicked back at home for a bit but when I got back out, I saw scratch marks all along the left side of my truck!!! I was worried about that very thing. There were bushes on the narrow dirt road I drove on. I got relgious and prayed silently that maybe I could rub it off with rubbing compound. I wiped the scratch with my finger and guess what? It wasn't a scratch at all. My truck just picked up a lot of dust and when brushing some bushes, it just brushed the dust to make it look like a scratch. Its all good though. No scratches. Just needs to give my baby a shower.

Whew... I could use a shower too. And it may be a good or bad thing but no scratches found on me either. I was a good boy this weekend. There was one lady in jest that said she'd marry me for medical and for my retirement. Scared the crap outta me. It started when everyone was talking about the gym we attend, our injuries, the medical plan and hospital we go to. They say I'm very lucky that my plan allows me to go to UC Davis hospital. That's when that lady in jest said she'd marry me for my medical. I said that as added bonus, she can have my retirement too if we got married and I croaked. Then one dude said he'd marry me. Lol. I tell you.. the crap that older people chat about at camp. Told them I can hear my Mom calling me and I had to go now :)

Happy Sunday peeps.

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