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2020-10-11 12:15:21 (UTC)

Are you ok?

Um, just peachy.
Two boys sit here gaming all morning.
I’m hungry, as soon as they get up.
Ask me to make breakfast.
I was washing dishes that sat all week.
I’m still sick with pneumonia.
I overslept because I’m NOT feeling well.
Slept till almost 8am.
Didn’t even get a cup of coffee in me.
Yet by 830, as I’m finishing up one and a half sink full of dishes I get the request to make breakfast as they start up the consoles to game.
I did.
I did dishes, made coffee, vacuum, and cleaned up their messes.
Then, grabbed the trash that was full, took it to the dump, grabbed the 55gallon water jug, put it in the trunk, got dressed and headed to town.
Filled up the water jug, which now weighs more than 55 gallons.had to figure out a way of picking it up and getting it back in the trunk. Went to town and got things needed, with an almost maxed out credit card, and got the request to buy him smokes.
Then, I’m home 2 hours,after, and have to carry everything in myself while they continue to game.the dog hasn’t been out in 3 hours.
I get the
Are you ok baby?
Let’s see, you haven’t once asked if you could help.
You’re still on the damn game.
I will get my game on after they are done, when he wants to spend time with me.

Just pissed off.