Live my life♥

me and my life
2020-10-11 12:01:42 (UTC)


Failures has been a part of my life like a best friend. It never left my hand. Whatever I did it was always a fail. I never got what I think I deserve.
Acting career failed
German language failed
Relationship failed
Job failed
Small business try failed.
I have always faced failures.
I still never quit, I always tried, I always find ways out but it's just a failure I get.
Even if j get anything it won't be a privilege for me. It turns out bad. My relationship on which i never doubted failed badly. I am jobless from past 1 yr.
Unbelievable and I mark this as my biggest failures of life no matter global situation.
M afraid of more
M sad of seeing all settling well except me
M frustrated of trying
M tired of hoping.

God please bless us.