Do Not Disturb

2020-10-11 07:18:40 (UTC)

I Hope

A lot has happened since the last time I posted in the past 5 days with my ex which I don't even think I should even call him my ex because he ghosted me for two days called me back and video chatted me and soon as his girlfriend got out of jail...JAIL. He went back out with her like nothing happened. Everybody at work kept saying how ugly his ex was and he chose to be back with her over me and he just wanted to fuck me and now that he had it he's fucking her. He even admit it today and I heard that shit and it hurts like hell. I feel so stupid. And how they were going to Olive Garden and stuff like that but me I'm different. He didn't take me to Olive Garden or anything like that. We just sat at my place and ate. I should've just trusted my gut from the beginning when alll of this went about. Now I can't trust anybody.NO ONE. Let alone a guy. ESPECIALLY A GUY. Now its hurts to even see him at work because I work with the nigga. I really need to talk to my therapist when October 22 hits. And I wanna take October 23 or 24 off because my uncle is having a halloween party and he works at party city and we can go and pick out a costume. I'm gonna pick out something cute because I wanna pick out something cute. I gotta request off though. I hope its not to late. I think I still have time to request off.

I was suppose to get off at 10 today but my manager made me close till 12 because the other two girls called out and I was stuck at work for the rest of the night with no breaks and I worked from 2-12. And then tomorrow I have to work from 3-11 again. And I close Monday then I'm off Tuesday. They want me to come in but I'm not gonna. They can't make me do shit. I was so mad today. I ate my food. But I was mad as hell at the same time. I was like The Incredible Hulk but angrier.

I was gonna tell Kel that I like him at work but I couldn't. I wanted to but I couldn't. Not after the shit that went down with Hooks and I just can't go through that stuff again.

And then Robert was making it worse one of our managers by yelling all night and he almost made me lose my voice by yelling at him back. He be stressing me out the most. I don't see how he even got the job in the first place. He do to much sometimes. Sometimes he's cool and other times he's just a headache itself. I wouldn't have dared invite him to my birthday dinner that was yesterday at 6 but only 6 of us showed up because their were suppose to be 10 of us but the other 4 just never came or were to lazy or "tired" to show up. 🙄. No one even showed up to the get together on my birthday but one. But she just wanted to get a plate, gave me $10, and told me happy birthday and out the door she went. And also she was very high.

This year sucked. I hate Covid. I hope its over by the end of the year. Or next year at least so I can start classes. And everything can go back to normal. But with Trump as president I don't think it ever will. Amd if your a Trump supporter. FUCK YOU AND YOUR POLITICS!!!!! Or, whatever it is.

Mood : I want this year to end

- A

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