middle age Womt
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2020-10-11 02:20:43 (UTC)

Emotion hangover

This morning I woke up , forcing my self to complete the standard chores . after I prepare him to go work. I sat alone at the dining table in thoughts.
yes I'm over pouring with negative thoughts from yesterday.
I am not a psychologist
but I'm aware that people like me is sick in mind
I do not know why I'm like this
but I do know there is always a cause
in which we can cure ourselves if there are solution to that cause
I tried to recall
I went back to the scene 8 years ago
I'm crying trembling and wanted to leave
I suspected his affair and keep quiet for about a month
till one day on a rare Friday night which he chose to be home due to an impt appointment tomorrow morning if not he will be at the club saying he need to be there to entertain his colleagues and client.
I switch on his spare phone
I wanted to find some evidence but he is always careful. every text that may have appear seems to be deleted.
I stare at it for a while and suddenly it rings
I have switch to silent mode it didnt wake him up. I stare at the unsafe number ringing a few times.
than a text came
have you sleep?
I decided to play along to test who is this person there she text how she misses him
I broke down and cried