taking heed

slightly exaggerated
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2020-10-11 01:00:26 (UTC)

post-finishing halt and catch fire research

wow. gordon, aka scoot, has been in a lot more things than i, realized? nice rezumé bruh...

so halt and catch fire eh? what a gem. so lovingly crafted and mesmerizing. like a blast of joe mcmillan *swoon* charm and grandiose-ness. and cam, catherine. agh. character arcs. mid to late 80s-90s computering and internetiture. so much to like about this programme. it just kept building, taking the story to unexpected places. all of the things.

really sad it's over. really sad. love to love those characters. interneting in the 90s was so pure, when compared to current times ESP. the user experience, my user experience. magical. that 56k modem buzzsawing into the OG intersectionality of everything. icq, hotmail. geocities.

#hacf. truly, the thing that got me to thing. the *thing* being 2 weeks deeper into this ridiculous timeline.


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