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The Final Game
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2020-10-10 21:13:21 (UTC)

Technology has made war boring.

I was watching the show Forged in Fire. I just love the way he says, your blade will kill with his big ass grin. There should be a meme on it already.

So I was thinking that now wars are won with a push of a button. The dude sitting at base in his chair sipping on some diet coke while the reaper scans the target and then calls for a strike. The Marines and their hi tech guns.

I'm an old fashion slasher. Not much of a gun person. The thrill of shouting CHARGEEEEEEE!!! or even Avengersssssssssss unite is somehow lost when its all stealth and fucking diplomacy and cover ups.

If an EMP strike hit the forces right now the dudes can ride on donkeys wirth machine guns and win the day. The great American country does pride itself on its weapons of mass destruction. But its also their Achilles heel as its all electronic and can be unplugged.