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2020-10-10 07:26:15 (UTC)

A lot of crap everywhere.

The internet media has become a big bowl of shitty news. You have to swerve through an array of unnecessary information to find that one piece which is truly worth reading. The obsession of media and celebrities cannot be understated enough. I do get it you all sheep of mankind want nothing more than useless information at your fingertips. Its how the world works.

I saw this show yesterday night on the tele. Scientists took spider silk and made threads out of it from goats milk. They bio engineered the goat to have that one extra protein in their milk which then can be used to make silk thread. Something to know that for the same length of thread the spider silk one is stronger than one of steel.

Now that is fucking good news which i want to hear. I'll give you example of crappy news.

"Simon Cowell is 'feeling great' amid recovery from surgery"...I don't care!!! my neighbor is also recovering and you don't hear that in the news.

"Countess of Wessex is self-isolating after coming into contact with infected person".... wow isn't that like common sense???

"Mariah Carey's son was bullied by a 'white supremacist'"...Reallyy??Out of all the stuff in the world this was shared.

"Cardi B defends estranged husband Offset in Twitter rant"..honestly i don't even acknowledge her as a singer and her songs are garbage,

"Justin Bieber and Hailey Bieber 'have grown closer' amid pandemic" so has me and my dog.

"Kendall and Kylie Jenner vow to 'never speak again'"..they have to be super famous rite? or why would the world care if they speak??

So you see the amount of bullshit news out there.