La Flaca

Las Tortugas y Yo
2020-10-10 04:05:59 (UTC)

A dear heart felt memory.

Today I had a memory of my father that is very dear to my heart, I remember the first book he bought me witch is The little prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. Is been one of my favorite books up to this date, only because is the first book my father bought me back when I was 9 yrs old and one of the reasons why I love reading so much. A day before my dad was eating lunch at home and he was speaking to my mother when he mention the book fair being in the city I jumped out of my chair and exclaimed ¡there's a book fair in casas! please take me with you I want to come see it. You have to remember back then we had other than the arcades booths on one single store, there was not much new to entretain youself so books where my thing, to this day I truly enjoy a good books read. So my father took me to this new book fair and I was amazed at seeing so many books in one sinlge place at the same time, other than my mothers personal libery in our home living room this was all new to me, and I became a wonderful full time reader, I would read anything from fiction to personal self improve books. My libary and personal collection is a little above 70 books that I have kept every where I've lived, I've lost a few a long the way from people who don't have the curtesy of retuning them when loandes so I stoped loaning my books if anything I'll pass them on as a personal heritage to my doughter who also loves books and am so glad, because my son wont saty awake pass his first page of reading. Any how I know this beautiful memory I cherish with my father bying my first book will come long ways with me as I'm finaly becoming the writter I always dremt with becoming a number 1 selling book on amazon for a first publication is something defenetly worth feeling proud of.

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