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2020-10-09 19:31:51 (UTC)

The only adult

Been sick with pneumonia
Shelby needed to go for her walk by 630pm
Told Sheldon she needed to go
It’s 730pm
He never took her
Neither did her owner
He hasn’t once looked for her, checked on her, nothing. Too busy in his game.
So, I am taking her.
3 coyotes in the back yard.
Just pissy.
I’m tired.
I’m sick.
I’m cooking everyday.
Doing everyone’s laundry everyday.
I’m doing the dishes everyday.
Despite being sick.
I will try updating tomorrow if I feel up to it.
D3, I know I been sick. I have the email to send, it’s been in my outbox not sent for some reason.
Missed your calls. Been sleeping and basically lost my voice due to the pneumonia.