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2020-10-09 15:24:10 (UTC)

Bought my smoker 😛

I changed my mind about the smoker/grill on QVC and cancelled it. I went with a Recteq 590 smoker/gill instead (It's a guy thing). I can't believe how much bbq grills cost nowadays but it's like the Cadillac of grills. I'll host a bbq when it comes for the people that brought over food for me when I was banged up.nI can't believe I'm so excited for a pellet smoker/grill. Woooohoo!!

Tomorrow,I'm going camping at my friend's backyard. She says her backyard has 35 acres!! Must be nice to be rich. I hear she will have an outdoor movie projector thing setup so that'll be fun. During the day, we can go fishing at her pond and there is a winery within walking distance. Sounds like a plan to me. Pot luck dinner. I figure I either get a party platter from a Chinese restaurant or make my korean short ribs that I really like.

Heidi called and she wants to get a bunch of friends to go rent a cabin at a place near June lake. This is for the weekend of Oct 16-18. Actually maybe a couple cabins and people that have RVs will go in their RVs. It's a 4.5 hr drive!! Ugh!! But the scenery will be awesome with the foliage and supposedly nice little town within walking distance. Trout fishing should be awesome!!! There is a winery there too of course and we're for sure going to have to make a stop there. I don't want to drag my kayak trailer that far so I'll have to get a hitch attachment to have my kayak sit on the truck bed instead. So I ordered this.

That's the plan so far. My butt hurts, my calves hurt, my quads hurt, and my hamstrings are hurting big time! And I love it. The all too familiar soreness of my body in the process of toning itself up. The release of all the happy chemicals flowing in me is fantastic. To all the heartbroken people out there, try doing burpees while in mourning from that lost love. I guarantee you'll forget about that other person while doing so.

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