London Life
2020-10-09 16:32:21 (UTC)

Monday to Thursday - Mark Thomas

On Monday, ran to Barnard Gardens with Simon, Ivo, Steve C and a couple of others. Met Sam, Marie and Sarah there. Sarah had a job for 17 days but didn’t even get to start it – there are no signs that theatres are to re-open. I told Ivo and the others about the New Forest 10km and holiday; Ivo was very enthusiastic about the area and the ponies. Work was great, considering I've been off for a week. I had a lot of urgent forms, but with the new girl started, there was no backlog of other work. They had a bounce-back email which kept re-bouncing back to the receiver, so there were suddenly 10,000 messages in the Inbox. Jack was really busy, and we were so late going for lunch that we just went to the cafe in our street, but as we had the soup as well as a main course, I was very late back to work. I made five portions of Gardener's Pie in the evening.

On Tuesday we went to see Mark Thomas at a very basic venue called 21 Soho; it’s got a bar and coffee maker but it’s really just a big shed. Jack had been to Pedro’s birthday do at Battersea Park, so I met him at the venue. Mark Thomas’ set was about a third obvious stuff I’d already realised about the current political scene, about a third new and interesting stuff, and about a third mundane talk. He spent a while talking about his time in hospital, after he had a bladder problem. The set was about an hour and a half; he's another comedian doing his first set since lockdown. I cycled back and Jack got the bus, though Hampstead Road was closed, which affected us both. At lunchtime, I went to the market where he was trying to choose a present for Pedro, but I soon got bored and went home.

Wednesday, I cycled up to Haringey to help at a homeless shelter. Dom and Abi was there – still telling people about her new job – also Nurjehan, who always seems so pleased to see me, a pretty central European who might be Geraldine, Sally, a sweetie called Shani, and some blokes, but again no Julie. We were moving clothes from one room to another. Went to the box park for lunch, got a katsu curry. Saw three nice goth girls in mini skirts; one with over-knee socks and another wearing thigh-length boots. Boots are back for the autumn, another sexy girl sitting near us at the market wore high-heeled knee-boots with a very short skirt.

On Thursday I picked up a small shaver, which I need until I can find the charger for the other one. Cycled across the canal footbridge, past Canonbury to a little square where, with Sam and a new girl Katriona, we picked up leaflets for distribution. Katriona lives in Canonbury, has got a Dundee accent, and her mum is from Bavaria. She got a degree in Biomedical Engineering at Strathclyde University. Sam lives near Finsbury Park station. She’s booked a holiday to Scotland but Hollyrood have brought in new restrictions – not yet in the Highlands where Sam’s going, but it underlines why Jack and I decided to holiday nearby, in the South-East.

With Jack out with his friend, I searched for new sexy pictures (also trying to find nice ones I had before my Flikr was deleted). It’s quite a long job though, as I don’t want pictures with tattoos or licking, also the lighting has to be good and the girls need to be very pretty, looking happy and natural rather than putting on a “sexy” face. And if nude, no open legs.

For lunch, we went to Ellie’s, where I tried the falafel salad.