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2020-10-09 12:08:00 (UTC)

Rolan X Maris Best Funny Moments: Part 1:

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Rolando x Maristellar
From 03/05/2018-09/03/2019:
3/05/2018: She fired at me?!:

3/6/2018: I hope your bra fits:

3/7/2018: Get in the car, and kick your ass:

08/30/2018: Shaving Maris' Thighs:

10/20/2018: Throwing Tissues in Esteban's House:

12/10/2018: Meeting Andrea for the first time:

12/13/2018: We have to destroy Esteban's House:

01/24/2019: Drunk Maristellar Voice:

02/06/2019: What we do about stealing Esteban's stuff?:

02/07/2019: Counting Sheep:

03/12/2019: Torres was the best, what about Kiara?:

04/10/2019: Esteban Is Gay:

04/12/2019: Are you a lesbian or what?:

04/25/2019: Bromance:

04/29/2019: Pranking Esteban's Stuff:

05/03/2019: Here are the list for Esteban's Prank Stuff:

05/06/2019: Who just won the race before Maris Skirt waist is down?:

05/13/2019: I delete the Twitter account, that wasn't mine:

05/22/2019: She broked my heart again, and she's not my girlfriend anymore:

05/24/2019: I didn't invite Esteban to my birthday party, it was you:

06/05/2019: It was not me, it was Esteban who just started:

06/07/2019: The Graduation Party Looks Great:

07/05/2019: Gio is leaving to go for the Italy:

07/12/2019: We missed you Gio:

07/13/2019: This party looks great:

07/17/2019: Just get your drinks right away:

07/23/2019: Max and Maris are gonna present the show for Esteban is officially gay:

08/23/2019: Jail Break:

08/25/2019: Are you drunk Maristellar?:

09/03/2019: Making fun excuses with the boys:

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