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2020-10-08 20:35:52 (UTC)

Doing my thang 🥴

Did my modified workout today. Another nicer way of saying a lame workout. Five laps around the block. Saw the smoke-break lady on my third lap. After that, I cranked out 50 more squats totaling 100 for the day. I was going for six blocks but my tail bone was a little sore I think from sitting on my ass most of the day 😜. I've been wearing my my zone belt again. I should be able to meet the minimum mandatory count for the month. One more level before I get to the top. I'm at Diamond and 12 more months of a certain score and I will hit the final pinnacle in the Myzone world.!!! No participation trophies after that. Just self gratification for keeping up with my healthy workout all these years. So.. 12 more months to make it. There is one thing that's noticeable. When we're back in the gym, there are big screens that show everyone's status and current points that are currently in the gym. There is a name, stats for the day and your ranking emblem shown.

Let's see what else. I'm supposed to decide if I want to go camping at my friends place this weekend. I may spend the night and just crash in my truck. Easy peasy. Do some fishing at the pond, campfire, chit-chat, drinking and all the normal things that goes on at camp. I love camping. I feel good enough and I need to practice what I preach when I say 1% so I'll go.

I also bought an L.E.D. rope thingy from Costco. There is a remote to change colors and patterns. I thought it'd brighten up my room but I don't know. I hung it around my window and the jury is still out on it. It seems to light up the room in a soft way but it also looks like a ghetto strip joint. 😜😱😈. So I'll leave it there for a bit and see how I feel about it next week.

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