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2020-10-08 12:23:29 (UTC)

New day. Finally got cooler 😊

The weather finally is changing. It's in the 60°s right now. Last week at the same time, it was in the high 90°s. I love cooler weather. Less sticky, stinky, and just feel overall better in cooler temps. Makes working out a lot more comfortable. Last night, I may have overdone it because my quads are hurting. So to get the blood flowing, I just did 50 quick squats and way past 90° so they weren't wimpy squats. Got the heart pumping and feeling good.

I saw my friend post a funny joke on fb.Pic shows a little Yoda with his light saber. Narrative included was " I found Mom's light saber but it won't stop vibrating." 😂 I had to laugh.

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