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2020-10-09 00:37:30 (UTC)

The Result is Out!

I'm really happy that i got 85% in this sem, although it wasn't the way it supposed to be because online exams were held but still it's good. My all classmates got good marks this time they might be happy as well.
This time I'm again at 2nd position, but the difference get bigger this time, in last sem it was just 3 marks and now it's 8 marks. I'm happy for her as she scored this much but i still wish if we can had the same marks, because i really don't like the comparison now the teachers will make. It's like they are trying to separate us apart, because we are a good team.
I need to cover the gap in this sem i hope we will be good always, these marks are just a mere numbers which i don't want to decide our life. I wish we can have the same marks at the end of this year. I want us three(one more classmate is there who makes our group complete) to be good together always.^_^