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2020-10-08 18:35:59 (UTC)


Metallica did it first i think. Now Septicflesh has done it with their own orchestra concert some time back. Living here in shitland far from good metal music i have this loneliness when it comes to sharing my music interests. It's all fucking bollywood all the fucking time.

Watching the show i realized i had a big ass grin on my face. Have you ever had it? Like you didn't know it but you smile while watching something.

Im so fed up of everyone calling metal music as noise that i dish out their own medicine and they have the fucking nerve to say each have their own taste etc. At first it did seem petty but then it's they who started it and i'm retaliating. Bullies always win when the weak don't speak up. Well not anymore.

Since a few days i am starting to smell different. My body odor has changed. I'm emitting a different scent. It hasn't happened before. I know this smell is of when you don't bath for a few days that swampy damp smell. But i shower twice daily. Also its like if you eat certain foods you also smell it. My diet is the same. Maybe i need to have more water.

First song i heard of them was Anubis and i loved it.