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2020-10-08 10:31:32 (UTC)

Register to Vote (Hear my Voice)

Hey back everyone,
I cant believe its been 4 years since talked about a election entry so this so interesting to say the least. So, last night my brother helped with some question of register to vote for this year election. I have been able to vote since I was 18 but didn't have an ID to apply for register to vote until I was 21 in the 2016. Now am 26 years old and its my first time voting. I always say to my friends I would vote but I never did the progress myself. I never understood it myself till several years later my mom's husband explained to me and my brother as well. There's many reasons why I am voting for myself and the family too much at the line of our lives. As for my political views they are quite seen as Democratic, but when it comes to my friends I only ask them once if their voting this year or not. I don't dive into details that's how our pride gets in way what really matters living in our society. I do see what my brother meant how you tell how's on the opposing side based on their party. This year taught us many things that what we can control who can protect the lives of many. We have two options this year have another year with President Trump or Joe Biden to make our society better within living w/ the virus. I picked this year to be our President Biden, yet the fact he's only doing one term. His the voice of the people and life situations that are unexpected based on climate change. Even though, if we don't have Biden wins this election cant say didn't make my vote matter! If anyone curious I have cerebral palsy that was born wth. So that's why am making vote matter now and my future plans.
Please vote soon register early only two weeks left! Depending where you live.
*Side note* I'll be posting another entry sometime in December of this year.
Stay safe and wear mask everyone! Peace and always wth love