Rob Floyd
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2020-10-08 09:28:52 (UTC)


Keeping an eye on the hurricane that is in the Gulf. Doesnt look like its gonna come this way. Mostly Louisiana and Texas. We may catch a little bit. Ive been debating on whether to put our furniture out back away or not. I was working on it yesterday for a little while. There is plenty of time today if you want to do it. Dont have to be at work till 3:45. Wife and I are in a minor quarrel. She has no luck with cellphones, or just doesnt know how to use them.
1. Maca. I am grateful for maca. It give me energy and good vibes.
2. We may get a half day off for the storm tomorrow even though it doesnt look like ti coming this way. US military cant be too cautious!
3. Grateful that mom will be here in couple weeks to help us around he house.

Intentions for today:
Get a workout in on you mat out back.
Check the fantasy football news and join a draftkings league or two.
Work at 3:45 & watch the baseball games!