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2020-10-08 00:09:06 (UTC)

Doing what I need to do 🏃🏻‍♂️

Not going to have a pity party for myself. Nope, last I checked, I still got a pair. I won't stay at home with the curtains closed hiding in the corner of my bedroom. That's not me. So before sunset, I walked, ran, or jogged 5 blocks. I run till I get exhausted and when I'm at that point, I run 25 more steps because that's how it's done. Took a shower, had some dinner and when I finally sat down, I felt pretty good. Happy chemicals are flowing around in me and it feels great.

I know what to do and I got this. Good or bad, I'm at my ideal range for my weight again and very close to my BMI. I'm at 159 lbs and I used to be like this when I used to hit my crossfit 5 times a week. So I know I'm like this because something isn't right but I guess there is a saying and I think it goes something like "Don't look a gift horse in the mouth". 😌So I'll take it and shut up. Showered and ate dinner. Feeling great. Sitting down watching the Devil and having some alcohol. Still smiling.