La Flaca

Las Tortugas y Yo
2020-10-08 04:03:14 (UTC)

A blessing or a curse.

I don't know if my way of seeing things so difrent from others is a blessing or a curse, in all honesty I choose to always see the bright in everything, even when to most people it's a loose loose situation, I asure you I can always find a positive in every situation, sometimes is sad to see how much lack of joy is in people's lives now day's, well I can count a few in my own iner circle, and that's ok, I was listening to a video that spoke of the wright way to find inner peace, and I'm happy talking to my self thank you very much, I can be hard enough on my self to listen to any other critic there is, this world need a little more beliving and less doubting, I wish my children could see all that I see when I look at them, as well as most people I know, all I see is potential to do so much more of what they are doing, we are designed to love and be loved, to be happy and that's why every one is always in this life time persue of hapiness, but you see they have it all wrong, they think if only they would get paid more, if only they could go on that vecation or spend that holiday with that special someone etc. is all a lie, you can be compleatly happy because being happy is a state of mind, I don't need anything to be happy except enough air on my lungs to enjoy my reality at this moment called present. I choose to feel happy always, because first of all my health is to poor to try not to feel happy every chance I get, I never know when I will stop breathing of have a breakdown and that's good enough of a reason for me to not spend my time complaining and more time doing what makes me happy, I don't need much realy I have it all. I will continue to enjoy this journey call life and make the most of this world, that for the moment seems to be o so unhappy and that's a shame. So all I can say, look yourself in the mirrow and fall in love with your smile, hug yourself even if no one else does it, laugh out loud and learn to enjoy your alone time. No one will do it for you...good night!!