Nala Toph

Written Thoughts
2020-10-07 12:38:37 (UTC)

Yesterday’s drama

Yesterday two of my friends got in a short lasting high dramatic fight. Astrid asked for a bit of attention and two minutes later she said “or maybe not whatever”. Didn’t really give a whole lot of time for anyone to help her but my other friend named Ichi decided to curse her out on how negative she was being. It wasn’t a small “hush, no depressed speech in my server” it was a full rant that really just pushed Astrid over the edge. Astrid lost her cool and got banned from the server. So i left it thinking “I’ll give time to ichinishi and Astrid to just calm their tits because holy fuck all of this is unnecessary”. Now i try to remain neutral in all conflicts with friends, because it’s their drama and sometimes explosions need to go off in order to be heard. But knowing Astrid, someone who I consider my own Daughter for 2 years now, just got bullied for having depression. It was a little difficult.. I remained silent and let Astrid vent her feelings to me. Ichi took me leaving his server as “taking her side” which.. as I said a little heard not to. But even though I was so disappointed in the way he handled Astrid I was still willing to be a friend, I knew he wasn’t having a good day so I figured it was likely something residual. I wanted to tell Astrid to not take it personally but I didn’t, because how could she not? Ichi seemed way to genuine about his feelings towards Astrid. However, Ichi texted me “figures you take her side, I knew you never cared”
Do you have any idea how much that hurts to hear? When you care so much and they say you don’t? Well imagine you got punched in the gut and that pain just lingers for a little while. That’s basically how that feels.

But I digress... for it was Yesterday’s Drama

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