2020-10-07 15:39:40 (UTC)

An Average Person

It's very tiring to live like an average person. You don't hold any importance in anybody's life, you got no talents to showcase, your existence doesn't matter to anyone. Just living a life where you got nothing.
If you are a high achiever, you will get appreciated and got to be known. If you are a low achiever then you will get scolded, people around you will be worried and think about you. I agree these people will also have their own problems to face but still, atleast people around you will care for you, you will get attention of them, even if you don't want😏. People with talents are also their, who caught attention of a lot of people, they have their talents to show. But an average person who got nothing will not get any of attention, people don't care about them.
It hits me hard for not having anything. In a group I'm not someone who is needed, even without me the group can complete the task. I'm not a person who is important for friends also because even if I'm there i can't hold the place of an important person. They can have their work completed even without me. I got no bestfriend for whom i might place an important place, but hell no i don't have. I can't even talk much to have their attention. I'm just a nobody in their life. I'm not even very fair looking who catches eyes of others,just a simple person who belong to a middle class family. It really making me to cry, but crying won't help it won't get any concern. It's not that i want to live for other people but i need someone to care for me to get concerned about me. It's all my fault for being too introverted because i can't even say anything so they also don't think about me. It hurts too much to live live like this, i feel so envious of some of my friends who are important for others, even i have some people important for me but i don't hold the same place for them it makes me to think why I'm giving them special treatment. I'm becoming like a person who doesn't want anything but its not like that i want love, affection and care of other people but I'm not worthy of that😢.
I'm not important for anyone. I really feel tired of this life. I can't do anything....
I don't even have courage to die because it will pain alot.

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