Experienced Life
2020-10-06 23:17:52 (UTC)

Running around the block 🙂

I've been going around the block as much as I can before sunset. I'm starting to memorize everyone's routines. Older man with his daughter walking a little brown and white dog. They are always chatting with each other but when the daughter isn't there, he is on the phone. Even when I was limping around with a cane, I always gave them right of way and just walked on the road when they did. Sometimes, I see two old couples walking around. There is an apartment complex I pass by and there are back patios exits leading to the sidewalk. I pretty much see this younger lady go out for what I believe is a smoke break and she dabbles with her phone while out there.

Today, I cranked it up and ran/jogged most of the last two of four laps. So I was running when the girl walked out of her patio for her routine smoke break. It was after sunset so I startled her a little. Kept it short and said excuse me and sorry. She said no, no it's fine. lol.

Gotta get back into it because if you don't, your joints are going to start hurting. Past injuries creep up and say hello. Previous injuries are like weeds that creep up if you don't manage your lawn. So yeah, I could feel a little bit of that today. Need to keep mobile and active. I'm feeling pretty good right now. Finally, I'm releasing some good chemicals to my body and I feel wonderful. Today's run was finally without carrying a cane. Feeling good. Maybe it's due to the alcohol I'm drinking but whaterver. I'll take it. Oh yeah, I cancelled my smoker/grill order. I'm getting something else. It's not as good a package as the one from QVC but I think in the long term, it'll serve me better.

This is what I got before my surgery to make sure I recuperate post surgery. Wasn't sure how long before I could drive so....