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2020-10-07 09:22:57 (UTC)

Being an Introvert

I really can't make myself to talk first, to initiate something is not my cup of tea. This make me to loose many things, in the class i knew what to say but i didn't speak up, considering what others will think.
Sometimes i really don't care what others will think about me, but i really want to know their perspective about me. I don't want to talk to anyone, but i still want someone beside me to talk to me, to tell me about my flaws, to make me do something, to make me understand everything around me.I think this is not because I'm introverted but, i lack confidence.
Sometimes i can't feel anything even if it is something which hold a lot of importance. I don't know what should i say next.
I'm not a very expressive person, i can't explain myself. When the other person wants to know my viewpoints i hardly can say anything productive. I think a lot before speaking, i don't know what should i say, if i said something the other person didn't liked it then what will happen, it really scares me.
When someone gift you something, you should show some gratitude, some gratefulness towards the person, but i can't even do this. They might think i didn't liked there presents, even though i liked them, I'm not able to express. I really need help to make me able to express my self.