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2020-10-06 21:41:43 (UTC)

Alien Vs God.

I believe in aliens. I am not to sure about God. They both are similar.

Cults of humans each believe that they are real
No real evidence ever found and documented for it.

What if aliens have been the cause of our evolution. What if we are a hybrid of aliens and the inhabitants of earth.

Holy crap the show Ancient Aliens really gets us

My friend who is fat was on a podcast. So proud of her
They talked about body shaming and all the shit along with it. It was so diplomatic like you can't swear and curse you know. All I could think of was if I was there I would be answering like Dr House and my tagline would be everyone's an idiot.

Also I successfully meditated for the first time in a long time. Just for 5 mins. It felt good. Like fucking good. I advise you to go for it.