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2020-10-06 17:15:58 (UTC)

I had to return

Took a few months break from writing here. Lots has changed here as well as the interface of this site. I went away cause it kind of was weighing down on me all the pain and loneliness. I thought I'd survive but something brought me back here and here i am cause well....humans.

Currently listening to the soundtrack of the movie SAW. One of my all time favorite movies. I've seen them all, love it. Tobin Bell hands down one of the most talented out there. He was born for the role as John Kramer just as Robert was born to play Stark.

Things are in a mess all over the planet. Humans never fail to amuse me. Recently the rape and torture of a girl in rural India is a big stir just as the rape and torture of South African farmers. It's either the virus or the human infestation which plagues the planet. I'm also installing the game called Dead Island. You kill zombies. I love this game. How i came across this is from a friend. I still remember the time years back when he used to play it. I used to hang out and watch him play. it's a large game as in you have to build weapons and complete missions to advance further. All i wanted to do is kill them all. I got hooked to it. I played the character of a girl which he mocked as he played the beefed up black gangsta dude. I chose her as she was the expert in sharp weapons. You see im more of a slasher than a shooter. Although i do enjoy the kill anyhow. The thrill of the whole scene of decapitating the zombies head with your katana and watch it in slow motion leave the body and fly in the air and land at your feet. Absolute win. Thats why i play it. Unfortunately it's not legal to kill the guilty yet hence the crimes and rapes.

Also what grinds my gears is that the law has pardoned the priests who were held for child molestation. The pedo priests run free in the Church and they spread the love of your God and all that is good in the Holy books. Secondly it seems that even if you are a rapist and a serial killer and you confess your sins you can go to heaven. it's a get out of jail free pass. It means the humans died in vain. No justice to them... I don't care in what context or the fine print it is mentioned. SO maybe you may meet your the guy who raped and murdered your family up there as you chill out for eternity. I bet one of the angels or even the big man himself would be like, hey look at that guy there...he murdered your kids why don't you go say hi to him and get to know each other .I don't believe in such a God or a religion. If you can stomach that little fact then good for you. Carry on. I have nothing else to say.

Back to the game.
As Kramer said, Let the games begin.