Rob Floyd
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2020-10-06 12:00:30 (UTC)

Oct 6th 2020

Still recovering from drinking the last 3-4 days in a row, among other things. Took some Maeng Da kratom yesterday to help with my recovery. Also had a couple glasses of wine last night, and maybe a couple coronas at the Mexican restaurant. Took some Maca and did some yoga this morn to help clean out my system. Im getting too old for this drinking every day shit. Need a haircut today, hair is looking like a cotton candy cone. Should I take a shower first or get the VIP from Sportclips?
Im planning on driving today for Ubereats snice there wont be a lot of days I will be able to this week. We drive at 5!

3 things I am grateful for:
We got to see our daughter this weekend, even if it was only for a short time. We did get to spend some time with her.
It looks like this hurricane is going to miss us for the most part. We may get some of the outer bands. New Orleans is going to get hit again, looks like
Grateful for good friends like Kenny and his mom. We had a good time at their house last friday night

Things to do today:
Get a haircut
Start putting some stuff in the backyard up in case we get th hurricane
We drive at 5! Go make $100 for Ubereats. Remember we need gas today!