Rob Floyd
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2020-10-05 16:27:56 (UTC)

Oct 5th 2020

Drinking has been out of control last 3nights. Friday night it was beers with Kenny and his mom at their house for a cookout and cards against humanity. Saturday I drove Uber eats from 11-2 then from 5-9, then I took David out for his birthday. We played Golden Tee at Renos. We did at least 2 shots, for him lemon drops and me it was Jameson and Pickle Juice. He passed out on his couch when we got back to his place to watch a wrestling show. He was sawing some wood with his snores! I made it home alive. Sunday morning around 1045 I called him to see if wanted to go to Buff WWs to watch the NFL games. He agreed to pick me up and we went, and met Jeff there. We started drinking right about gametime, 12:00. No shots this time but I did start with 2 bloody marys. Then beer after that. I called Johnnyray to see if he wanted to come hang out with us. He showed up after a while. He was his usual loud, obnoxious but funny self. He was messing with the Saints fans. We left a little before 6. David drove home. Wife bought me Subway for dinner. I watched the Eagles 49ers game. Layla was here with us, staring at her phone the whole time. I put a movie on for us to watch, but Hafida fell asleep and Layla wasnt even watching it. So I put the game back on. Went in and laid down after a while. This morning I got up around 9, went out to my mat out back and was able to get a decent workout in. I chilled out on the couch after that, checking out High Heat and getting the lowdown on the baseball games today. Had an appt with my Chiropracter. Got a great massage from Angie, as usual. I headed to Treasure Bay after that to check on my Aaron Judge HR bet ticket, It lost like I figured it had. I did go cash my tickets at Harrahs. Won the Ole Miss bet and Iowa St beating Oklahoma. Fat Ass Shawn was there at the kiosk. I wasnt in the mood to fuck with him today though. Someday I will say my piece to him. Probably when Ive been drinking. I took a pic of the weeks college FB games to send to Travis. Headed on home after picking up a big bottle of wine. Hopefully the wife will let me watch sports all night. The Yankees are playing, and here are 2 NFL games as well. Setup tomorrow at work has been cancelled. Drive tomorrow! Later World.