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Through the Looking-Glass
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2020-10-05 06:54:24 (UTC)

In His Eyes

"You're a vastness of a thousand winds."
That is what he said to me.
"An orchestra with melodies of virtue and of sin."

"But that is not me; I'm just a country girl."
I said, quite flippantly.
"Oh, no, your not. You're mesmerizing, changeable just like the sea."

"How can you see such things in a limited space of time?"
He paused and took a deep breath.
"Because you're a variance of a multitude that makes many paradigm's. Unvexing with an integral heart."
He inhaled
"You're everchanging art. Exposed and free."
My brow crumpled, bewilderment clouded my mind.
"You see too much. That is not me."
A finger trailed his eyebrow; a steel glare met mine.
"I see everything that you are, beauty unrefined—an everlasting treasure, sage and genuine."